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Become the best editorial professional you can be with:

High-Level Proofreading Pro

What if reading could make you money, allow you to set your own schedule, and work on your terms? Learning editorial skills so you can work on content isn’t just for an elite few. So much content is being created on a daily basis that proofreading and copyediting are in-demand skills.

So, can you get paid to read?


Does any
of this sound familiar?

Guessing and hoping you get things right.
Sure, you know how to use a dictionary, but beyond that you feel as if you’re just guessing and Googling, and not sure if you’re even getting it right. You just wish you knew exactly what to do!

Lacking the confidence to attract clients and find work.
You know there are businesses and people out there who need help polishing their content, but how do you show up on their radar? Putting yourself out there is easier said than done, it seems.

Frustrated because you’re not sure how to even START.
Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel when you think of everything you have to do just to start. Is there an easy step-by-step plan somewhere you can follow?

Not feeling inspired with your job.
You want to work on your terms instead of someone else’s so you can finally live the life you dream of. What if you’ve missed your chance? You’re worried you don’t have what it takes to succeed.

Sick of seeing mistakes in all kinds of content.
Every time you come across an error in a book or blog post you feel like you definitely have what it takes to succeed at proofreading AND copyediting. Imagine using your eagle eyes to work on articles, websites, fiction and nonfiction books, scripts — anything, really!


Thought so!

Then you’re in the right spot.

Now here's the truth, okay?

Dreaming, guessing, and Googling will only get you so far. If you really want to take those eagle eyes of yours to another level, then you’re going to have to step outside of your comfort zone and let go of outdated, grade-school grammar rules so you can excel at working on any kind of content.

Now I want you to take a moment and imagine…

Possessing expert-level proofreading and copyediting skills. You’ve got the know-how to stay up-to-date, and to work on today’s and tomorrow’s content. You can correct ANY editorial issues that come your way.

Standing out from the crowd! Set yourself apart from everyone on the market who is just doing “general” proofreading — because you’re not basic and the skills you have command you more $$. That impresses clients and makes them rave about you to their network. Psst. That’s less marketing you have to do!

Feeling confident in your strategy. You no longer feel like an imposter, wondering how to start or if you're doing things correctly. You know exactly how to use your strengths and grow your editorial business.

Turning your command of the English language into a full-time career or side hustle. You're now a part of the publishing process and have a hand in the creation of a new piece of literature or content that inspires you.

Living a life of independence because you can work on your terms, not someone else’s. You have the flexibility to create a lifestyle that lets you focus on what matters to you, and your ideal day is now a reality. You set your own schedule and hours so you can focus on family, friends, and hobbies.

Having all the relevant industry knowledge that allows you to work on any kind of content. You have no problem meeting clients' expectations, and can meet publishing standards whether it's online, digital, print, etc. You’re a pro, after all!

That's right!

You can do this in less than 30 days!

You can become an editorial professional with the most comprehensive proofreading and copyediting training on the market

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I want to introduce you to my editorial training program:

High-Level Proofreading Pro is the most comprehensive editorial training program in the market.

This is my step-by-step professional proofreading and copyediting training program that I developed to give you the editorial skills, industry knowledge, and marketing savvy to work like a pro. I’ve put over two decades of experience working in the publishing and communications industries into this course that will take you from reading for free to reading for money.

Learn the skills and strategies that I’ve shared with hundreds of students — strategies that have helped them start their freelance editorial businesses.

I'll show you the 4-step framework I’ve used to attract clients and to proofread and copyedit over 1800 books and other kinds of content.


I’ll show YOU how to take your passion for reading and turn it into editorial skills so you can work on any type of content in any industry you choose!

"High-Level Proofreading Pro prepared me for this role in countless ways. Due to my education in the course, I was able to offer professional editorial support, my professional opinion, and publishing knowledge. High-Level Proofreading Pro not only taught me the nuts and bolts of editing, but covered the industry norms and allowed me to walk away from the course as an editorial professional. I am now able to offer all that I learned as a service to my clients."

— Andrea J.

Let me take you back to before
I discovered
my 4-step framework...

When I started out, I was reading 5 lbs. manuscripts and marking them by hand. Back then, basic proofreading was enough. However, I always felt a little inadequate because I couldn’t do more when I knew the project needed deeper work and a seasoned eye. I knew I wasn’t living up to my full potential.

So I invested in myself and eventually, I was working not just as a proofreader, but as a copy editor and editor, as well. Now I work on all kinds of content, in all kinds of industries. 

After two decades of creating my 4-step framework, I put all that I knew into High-Level Proofreading Pro so I could help people work in editorial, too.

And this is how my system measures up ...

I know how to succeed, and the truth is that proofreaders who succeed are the ones who can also copyedit. They make more money, work on more projects, and they attract and retain more clients.

If you don’t need a degree to proofread, can’t anyone just start doing it?

This question makes sense, and here’s what you need to know about that…

Most people are proofreading incorrectly.

Proofreading is more than just fixing typos. There are other tasks that require a professional’s due diligence. One of them is preserving the writer’s style.

You want to know something else? A lot of proofreaders on the market are wrongly relying on software programs and Spell Check to get things done. And that in turn has resulted in a lot of clients receiving bad-quality work, and has given proofreaders a bad rep. 

It’s 2020, and content has changed. People expect proofreaders to do more than just general proofreading, and they want people who can copyedit, as well. 

Once you start using the 4-step framework I teach in High-Level Proofreading Pro, you’ll be able to work on your terms.

You’ll be able to work on fiction and nonfiction books, business communications, digital content, and content in niches like medical, law, software, etc.

Content has changed, and so have expectations!

"If you’re considering it, I would say take the High-Level Proofreading Pro course. It is the real deal. It lays everything out there, even giving tips on the business side of things. If your decision is to enter the field, you will absolutely be prepared. The investment of time and money is well worth it. Take action!"

— Margaret F.

"In my opinion, High-Level Proofreading Pro covers all the important aspects and skills a proofreader and copy editor needs, in a clear and concise manner. Most importantly, it provides the guidelines on how to start a business on our own, which are simply invaluable."

— Bori H.

"I definitely thought High-Level Proofreading Pro was worth the investment, and compared to other programs, your course provided more practical tips for getting and keeping clients and working as an editor. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is on the fence about an editing career or is unsure where to start."

— Briana M.

“I definitely felt prepared after taking High-Level Proofreading Pro. It gave me the initial guidance, confidence, and know-how to get started. I especially loved the section on the different platforms and how to proofread using each of them. I often go back for a refresher if I haven’t used a certain platform in a while or ever.”

— Callie W.

"High-Level Proofreading Pro has invaluable training and resources in it. I still refer to the resources I received when I purchased the course. The lifelong access is a huge bonus.”

— Christine W.

What’s included?

8 Training Modules

You’ll learn the 4-step framework that covers skills, knowledge, client acquisition, and editorial business management.

A Course Workbook PLUS Editorial Reference Sheets

You'll learn how to correct common errors found in any type of content that you can apply to your business.

Lifetime Access And FREE Course Upgrades

You’ll have access to the most relevant industry standards and practices. Plus, I also update the course with new strategies and techniques so you can attract more clients and manage your business. As a working editor, I don’t hold anything back!

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn in each of the 8 modules:

Intro To Proofreading
& Copyediting

Learn a proofreader’s and copy editor’s responsibilities. You’ll discover how to find a niche, and we go into industry expectations and editorial due diligence here, too.

Fixing Common
Editorial Errors

Learn to correct common issues found in any type of content. I’ve seen a lot of errors in my time, and I share what you really need to focus on! You’ll also learn the differences between US and UK English, and there are quizzes to test your knowledge.

Working With
Visual Content

In this module, you'll discover how to work with graphics, art, and image-heavy projects. We’ll also get into proofreaders’ marks and typography.

Preserving The
Writer’s Style

Learn the importance of preserving style and the client’s voice. You’ll also discover editorial processes and best practices that proofreaders and copy editors must be familiar with, and there are tutorials on major style guides.

Working With
Editing Software

In this module, you’ll learn how to work with industry-preferred editing programs through step-by-step video tutorials.

Diverse Content

Expand your knowledge so you can work on more projects! Learn about content creation and working with B2B and B2C publications so you can work with businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands.

& Copyediting Books

Traditional and self-published books have their own editorial considerations that are different from other content. Discover how to work with editors and writers, and about publishing industry standards and processes.

Marketing, Business & Gaining Experience

Get the nitty gritty of marketing your services and how to manage your editorial business. You’ll learn how to gain experience when you’re new and how to attract clients. We also go over setting rates, contracts, and managing client relations amongst other things.

PLUS, we've got bonus modules!

Bonus Module #1

Social Media Marketing

Here you’ll learn strategies on how to market yourself for free using social media, as well as how to use a blog as a marketing tool. You’ll discover what to do and what not to do so you appeal to your target market.

Bonus Module #2

Mindset and FAQs

This is all about gaining confidence as a new proofreader and copy editor. You’ll learn how to deal with Imposter Syndrome, and I’ll address specific proofreaders' and copy editors' concerns here.

“Take Phon’s course! It will really help you understand some of the things you need to be a businessperson, not just someone who loves to proofread… Phon lists several places that use proofreaders and copy editors regularly. One of these places is a ghost-writing company that publishes business nonfiction. When I finished my course, I went to their website and they had a job opening for a manuscript proofreader. I applied, took their proofreading test, and was hired as one of their proofreaders, the last set of eyes on a manuscript before it goes to print. This has been a great job and I highly recommend using Phon’s resources. She takes some of the scary 'where do I start?' out of starting your freelance proofreading career!”

— Erin K.

How about some more bonuses!

Enrolling in High-Level Proofreading Pro will not only give you access to all 8 training modules with exercises, quizzes, downloads, video tutorials, worksheets, and spreadsheets, but you’ll also get these exclusive bonuses for free…

Money Forecaster Pack

This special bundle of spreadsheets will help you forecast and track your income.

Email Support

My team and I are more than happy to answer your questions regarding the course, gaining experience, and giving our feedback on your professional development.

Exclusive Student & Alumni Community

You’ll have access to our private community where you can meet like-minded proofreaders and copy editors. There’s nothing like a community to support you!

Personally Marked Final Assignment

Your final assignment is personally marked by me, with detailed feedback on your skill development, including a look at your strengths and weaknesses.

Learning Hub

Get exclusive access to The Learning Hub where you can continue to develop your editorial skills with more exercises, quizzes, and also get additional mini lessons.

Certificate of Completion

You’ll receive a certificate of completion when you finish the course, commending you on acquiring proofreading and copyediting skills.

That's over $1,000 worth of courses and bonuses...

But you get everything when you enroll in High-Level Proofreading Pro.

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NOTE: All prices are listed in USD

Payment Plan



NOTE: All prices are listed in USD

Now, you can
do one of the following…

Option #1

You can keep trying to learn proofreading on your own, or piecemealing together Google search results and cross your fingers you did things correctly…

Option #2

You can take my 4-step framework that I developed over two decades, and become a proofreading and copyediting leader.

“Not only did I finish Phon’s course with a ton of knowledge, but also skills to build my clientele without any previous professional experience. I found my first client very quickly using the extensive tips in the course for marketing myself and finding new clients.”

— Sarah S.

"I definitely recommend taking High-Level Proofreading Pro. The topics covered are concise and exactly what is necessary to enter the editing field, and knowing that Phon is there to provide support to students, even after completion, really makes one feel that they are not alone in this. . . . The fact that it covered UK as well as US English has proved to be extremely helpful since at least half of my clients are from the UK."

— Christopher D.

“I was so excited to get started! I don’t feel alone at all, and that I was provided with many resources for help. A huge thank you and I look forward to the success I will bring to myself, my family, and many others.”

— Crystal W.

"I absolutely recommend High-Level Proofreading Pro! Proofreading and copyediting is a completely possible avenue for you. If you love language and enjoy the process of proofreading, Phon has made the course easy to understand, clear, and practical. I feel fully prepared to work with books, blog posts, newsletters, and anything else that comes my way."

— Megan M.

"Thank you so much for developing this program. It has truly been instrumental in rekindling my love for the written word, and for furthering my knowledge and skill set in the world of proofreading and copyediting. All of the modules and lessons were clear, concise, and structured in a manner that made it easy for me to learn (and I've never been good at online courses, so that's saying a lot). I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my editing knowledge, and I'm very excited to see where all of this takes me!"

— Deborah C.

Think about what kind of editorial professional you want to be 6 months or even one month from now.

Do you have the right skills to get you there?

If you use my strategies and step-by-step framework I teach in High-Level Proofreading Pro, you will achieve your goal to make money proofreading and copyediting.

What will you choose?

Now who is the editorial expert who created this program?

Hi, I’m Phon!

I’ve been a proofreader and editor since the 90s! That’s right, I’ve been at it for over two decades, and have loved every second of it.

When I first started proofreading, I was doing it for free for family and friends. When I started doing it professionally, I was proofreading enormous paper manuscripts. At that time, basic proofreading was enough. But then, I saw everything change.

Self-published authors and entrepreneurs emerged, and those 5lbs manuscripts turned digital. As content continued to change, so did clients. Their needs and expectations grew in proportion to the speed they were publishing content. They wanted proofreaders with the acumen to not just polish their content, but to take a deeper look. That kind of attention required copyediting skills.

That’s when I created my 4-step framework in order to meet new client expectations and to stand out amongst people who decided basic proofreading was enough.

This system sets you up to become the best editorial professional you can be!

So even if you’re new to proofreading and copyediting, or have a little bit of experience, High-Level Proofreading Pro will become the editorial training program that changes everything for you.

So, who IS High-Level
Proofreading Pro for

  • Beginners and people with some experience proofreading.
    If you want to meet the skills that today's and tomorrow's content demands, this course will give you the necessary proofreading and copyediting skills you need to work on the most common issues, no matter where you're starting from.
  • People who want to meet current job requirements.
    As content creation has grown, clients are asking for proofreaders who can go beyond traditional proofreading duties. That's why you learn copyediting.
  • People who have a goal.
    Why? Because it takes dedication, action, and perseverance, regardless if you're looking to start a side hustle, freelance from anywhere, or work in-house.

Input your text in this area

Who is
High-Level Proofreading Pro
NOT for?

  • Members of the grammar police.
    If you cringe when a sentence starts with “And” or “But”, then this course isn’t for you. You're going to learn to ditch grade-school grammar lessons, fast! Today’s content reflects today’s language use, not irrelevant rules from Victorian England.
  • “Get rich quick” seekers.
    This course isn’t for people who think the course will guarantee you an immediate job. I can give you all the strategies in the world, but it’s up to you to put in the work to see results, and this course is to educate you, not act as a recruiter. I’ll teach you how to market yourself and find work, as well as how to communicate and work with publishers and content creators.
  • “Know-It-Alls.”
    It’s great you already have a natural talent with words, but are you willing to let go of assumptions and learn? The English language can be tricky, so you can never assume there’s only one way to do something. Also, learn rules and guidelines so you know when to break the rules.

High-Level Proofreading Pro packs my two decades of skills, experience, insight, and strategies into one comprehensive course that has helped hundreds of students start working as proofreaders and copy editors — and even higher levels of editing. I’m confident you’ll love this course, but if for some reason you don’t, then you can get a full refund within 7 days.

My mission is to make proofreading and copyediting accessible to anyone, which is why you can try it for 7 days to see if it’s the right fit for you. And yes, you get the same benefits and bonuses no matter what payment plan you choose.

Do you offer a refund?
Of course! Just email me within 7 days of purchasing the course to get your refund.

How long do I have access to the course?
How does *forever* sound? That’s right, you’ll have unrestricted access to all of the course material and bonuses for the lifetime of the course. I also regularly update course material and lessons, which you get access to for free!

Do I have to buy anything else in order to start training?
Nope! I designed this course so you can log in and start learning ASAP without purchasing software or books. You just need your laptop or desktop and an internet connection. And the best part? My editorial reference packs from module 2 can be used when you start working professionally!

I don’t live in North America. Can I still take the course and work as a proofreader and copy editor?
Absolutely! Proofreading and copyediting are location independent skills, which means you can work from anywhere in the world. I teach you US and UK English so you can expand your market and work on a global scale.

How do I learn in the course?
The lessons in the course are delivered in various ways: slides, reference materials, downloads, video tutorials, text, exercises, quizzes, and a course workbook.

Can’t I just figure it out for free by reading blog posts?
Just because it’s on the internet, does it mean it’s correct? The information made available for free is often just a portion of what you need to know.

Proofreading and copyediting are skills, so are there specific ways to do them?
There are industry standards and editorial processes you should know.
You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you don’t know how to handle client or content issues and can’t meet industry expectations.

Will this course give me the expert skills I need?
HLPP packs two decades' worth of education (including publishing school), experience, insight, and strategies so you can start working like a pro straight out of the gate. #boom

Is this course worth the investment?
I paid over $10,000 to learn my editorial skills, and even after I was finished my training, I had to find and test out marketing strategies that worked. High-Level Proofreading Pro is better than publishing school because you learn what it really takes to succeed in today’s market.

"Your course has been very enjoyable, and at the same time, very educational. I'm extremely impressed with it. I spent a lot of money for another proofreading course, but yours is far superior."

— Margot C.

"I'm pleased that I made the investment in the course. There is a wealth of resources and techniques that I could have not found on my own. Thank you for offering this course and taking the time to deliver it in a professional and courteous manner."

— Dwanda A.

"Thank you for creating this course and providing so many valuable resources related to proofreading and copyediting! In addition, thank you for making yourself available to answer questions and give one-on-one feedback. I wish you could have taught some of my college professors how to be more effective teachers!"

— Darah W.

“The more I learned about proofreading and copyediting and the things I can do with them, the more I gained the confidence to make it work.”

— Rusanne

Become the best you!

If you want to work from home, start a side hustle, or offer more services to your skill set, High-Level Proofreading Pro is the step-by-step system you need to make working as a proofreader and copy editor happen fast, and without the overwhelm.

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NOTE: All prices are listed in USD